June 22, 2016

Bows & Arrows Vancouver Hiring

Bows & Arrows is looking to fill a few remaining positions for experienced servers, bar and FOH manager at our Fraser St location in Vancouver.

Versatility and ability to collaborate with a tight team will take precedence over what all-star teams you’ve worked with previously. Recognition of quality; seasonal relevance of ingredients and prizing the neighbourhood over the scene will be necessary.  A knowledge and love for what grows here is required, but we can help cultivate, too. Passion and interest in wine, spirits, coffee, and ingredients is mandatory. Ability to serve customers in a genuine, professional and personable manner shouldn’t even need mentioning. It trumps (we need a new word) everything.

Bar position may have management potential. We will be offering a short, seasonal, rotating list of classic cocktails and variations. Barside manner will always beat what books you’ve read and what spoons and shakers you have at home. No armbands.

Server positions are mainly night-time, as day service will be counter-only.

FOH manager will be expected to pull it all together. No pressure, you will have a lot of support. Scheduling, training, systems, budget implementation, brand development and basic outreach. We’re looking for folks on their way up.

Please apply with resume AND cover letter to fraser@bowsandarrowscoffee.com

April 20, 2016

We're hiring.

Bows & Arrows is looking for an experienced baker and chef for our new 26th & Fraser location, opening in June. Folks looking for a change from the industry kookyness are encouraged to apply if they see themselves a potential good fit for our brand. IE check us out and consider the ethic. Be self-motivated, well organized and creative within a team system. The baker should be bread focused but capable with or willing to learn pastry. The chef should be encouraged by the challenge of working with a streamlined (“non-grease-laden vapour”) set-up. Rational (combi) oven, induction burners, sous vide… Preserves, tartines, pickling, fermentation, curing. This is a good opportunity for someone wanting the creative space, responsibility and active collaboration of a dynamic kitchen within a rising company with big plans. Salary will be negotiable and based on experience, skill set, workload, & responsibilities.

Please apply with resume & cover letter to fraser@bowsandarrowscoffee.com

April 20, 2016

Year Three Revisit

We were profiled in Eat Magazine for second time as we head into our third year of business.





October 22, 2014

A revitalized hello.

 Hello, and welcome to Bows & Arrows. We have just revamped our site, and we are aiming to put ourselves out there a little bit in an effort to reach out to our coffee loving friends and fans, and share more about ourselves, our coffee and why we think its great.

 We have big plans in store for the coming months where we will share detailed home brewing guides to showcase our preferred brew methods and equipment. We will also be sharing more detail on a semi-regular schedule about our rotating list of seasonal coffees. As usual, you can find us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook where we welcome your voice to join in on the conversation.

 We hope to see you at the café.

 Your friends,