October 22, 2014

We have so much to do.


We believe our job as a craft coffee roaster is to pass on to you the best coffees we can find, roasted perfectly.
We source from and work with people we like, trust, and respect at every station. Our friends, everywhere, inspire us.



Est. 2011

A revitalized hello.

 Hello, and welcome to Bows & Arrows. We have just revamped our site, and we are aiming to put ourselves out there a little bit in an effort to reach out to our coffee loving friends and fans, and share more about ourselves, our coffee and why we think its great.

 We have big plans in store for the coming months where we will share detailed home brewing guides to showcase our preferred brew methods and equipment. We will also be sharing more detail on a semi-regular schedule about our rotating list of seasonal coffees. As usual, you can find us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook where we welcome your voice to join in on the conversation.

 We hope to see you at the café.

 Your friends,




Shannon Emery
Shannon Emery