Adolfo Garcia



Country: Guatemala

Farmer: Adolfo Garcia

Region: San Rafael las Flores

Mill/Washing Station: La Concepcion, Mataquescuintla

Varietals: Pache San Ramón

Elevation:  1800 m

Tasting Notes: golden berry, flan, raisin

We are very pleased to share the coffee of Adolfo Agustín Garcia. Adolfo is a core member of the Resistencia to the Escobal mine in San Rafael las Floras. He was one of 7 members, along with his son, Luis Fernando,  who brought a lawsuit against Vancouver's Tahoe Minerals (now Pan American Silver) after they were shot by private security forces while peacefully demonstrating at the mine. Adolfo has not swayed in his commitment to the group. We have purchased all of his harvest again this year. Get it.  Excellent high elevation Pache San Ramon variety - sweet, flan, golden raisin, golden berry.