Damián Espinosa



Country: Peru

Farmer: Damián Espinosa

Region: Chirinos, San Ignacio

Mill/Washing Station: Origin Coffee Lab, Jaén

Varietals: Borbón, Caturra

Elevation:1800 m

Tasting Notes: key lime, apricot, fig


Former Cup of Excellence runner up (2nd place) Damián Espinosa grows beautiful caturra and bourbon in Chirinos, San Ignacio. No geisha :) This is our first year buying from Damián and it's likely this Covid season that introduced us because we had to rely heavily on cup score calibration, trust and suggestion from Alex and José at Origin Coffee Lab, who source and mill all the coffees we buy in the North. We are fortunate to have built this type of relationship, so cancelled travel won't wreck the show.