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Ever Flores


Country:  Peru

Farmer:Ever Flores

Mill / Washing Station:  Origin Coffee Lab, Jaén

Region:  San Jose de Lourdes, San Ignacio

Varietal:  Red Caturra, Yellow Caturra

Elevation:  1750 m

Tasting Notes: cream soda, apricot, sugar cane

Ever, his brothers and cousins represent the new wave of producers in Diamante, San Ignacio who are turning everything over, chasing after better markets by altering farm practices and approaches to quality. This was the best coffee we sampled last fall in Peru, our last Peruvian coffee offering of this excellent season and quite simply, instantly, the best coffee on our menu. Ta-da. This is how we want coffee to be, everyday. Sweet, bouoyant, beautifully balanced ripe fruit and acidity. This coffee sparkles.