Micaela Bastidas


Country: Peru


Region: Sandia Valley, Puno

Varietals: Typica

Elevation: 1700 - 1900 m

Tasting Notes: crème caramel, candied rhubarb, apple chips

Every year we buy from producers in the Sandia Valley who are members of the Coopertiva Tupac Amaru. The lots submitted are often miniscule (2-3 bags) and so a larger quantity is built from the pooled, selected lots. Our four favourite coffees were all from female producers so we decidedrather than name their lot after Tupac Amaru II, the famous freedom fighter who resisted Spanish Colonial rule, we'd name it for Micaela Bastidas, unrecognized co-leader of the resistance. This coffee is special. It's such a clear representative cup from the southern gem, Puno. And it is our first South Peruvian coffee of the season.