Quelvin Jiménez



Country: Guatemala

Farmer: Quelvin Jiménez

Region: Nueva Santa Rosa

Varietals: Yellow Catuai

Elevation: 1800 m


Tasting Notes: baked apple, honey, gulab jamun

Quelvin is a movement lawyer and represents both the Xinka Parliament in Mataquescuintla and also individual members of the resistance group who have faced repeated criminalization for their ongoing peaceful resistance to the Canadian owned mine at San Rafael las Flores. The Jiménez family farms are south of Mataquescuintla, closer to the mine and in a distinct microclimate on the side of a volcano. They grow primarily bourbon instead of the Mataq-popular Pache San Ramon, so despite fairly close  proximity to the rest of the Mataquescuintla producers, their coffees are distinctly different.Complex acidity and clean, sweet cups. This is a lovely, if subtle, coffee.