Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder

When it comes to grinders, Baratza knows what's up. Introducing the long-running Encore, one of Baratza's original grinders that proves itself time and time again. Featuring a conical steel burr set, 40 individual grind settings, and a pulse button for bursts of coffee, this grinder will serve well for a wide range of applications. Couple that with Baratza's excellent customer service, affordable parts, and 1 year warranty, and you're set for years to come.


  • 40mm conical burrs
  • Gear-drive DC motor
  • Grind speed: 0.8 - 1.1 g/sec
  • Grind range: 250 - 1200 microns
  • Hopper capacity: ~227g
  • Grounds bin capacity: ~142g
  • Dimensions (cm): 35 x 16 x 12
  • Grinding burr speed: 450 RPM
  • Designed in Seattle, made in Taiwan