Bernabé Padilla Espresso



Country: Peru

Farmer: Bernabé Padilla

Region: La Coipa, San Ignacio

Mill/Washing Station: Origin Coffee Lab, Jaén

Varietals: Caturra, Pache, Catimor

Elevation:1900 m

Tasting Notes: poached pear, coffee cake, orange cream


This is the first coffee of the  season from the Padilla family in La Coipa and our third year working with them. It has been a hell of a year - every member of the family contracted COVID in the Spring. Fortunately all are now in good health. It's hard to say this and then cut straight to coffee talk. We are relieved that all are ok. We feel good to be working with the Padillas. This coffee will speak for itself as they have worked very hard in a trying season and it shows. Each year the coffees are better. What else is there to say?