Gregorio Paye


Country: Bolivia

Farmer: Gregorio Paye

Mill: AGRICAFE, Caranavi

Region: Colonia Copacabana

Varietals: Caturra

Elevation:1600 m

Tasting Notes: date square, mangosteen, fruit leather

Gregorio and family are among the first members of AGRICAFE's Sol de la Mañana program which provides technical, agronomic  and financial support for producers who renovate their farms and adjust practices to achieve higher yields and quality. His farm is stunningly beautiful and is the centrepiece of the small Colonia (colony/village) of Copacabana - about 45 mins from the mill in Caranavi. This is our first year buying from the Paye's. In previous years the coffees of Copacabana were pooled. Fruit forward, dates, chocolate. Beautiful.