HONDURAS // Saul Vallecillo Lot 2

PRODUCER: Saul Vallecillo
BENEFICIO: San Vicente
REGION: El Cielito, Santa Bárbara
VARIETY: Pacas, Bourbon

CUP CHARACTER: saskatoon berry, vanilla wafer, almond 

A few years ago now we were fortunate to pick up Saul’s first ever harvest and are ecstatic to have his coffee return to our line up again this year.

We hadn't intended this 2nd lot to get marquee status, but it's matured nicely and we make menu room for the best coffees. Less of the grapefruity character on this one, acidity is more muted - more almond, vanilla, saskatoon berry - very sweet.

Enjoy it while it’s here. We are very happy to be working with Saul, and we’ll buy his coffee for as long as he let’s us :).

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