Juan & Juana Mamani



Country: Bolivia

Farmer: Juan & Juana Mamani

Mill: AGRICAFE - Caranavi and La Paz

Region: Uchumachi

Varietals: Caturra

Elevation: 1600 m

Tasting Notes: strawberry cream, manuka honey, macadamia

Juan & Juana submit coffees farmed from their own individual plots as well as shared lots like this one.  Juan's younger brother and next door neighbor is René, whose coffee just came off the menu. The Mamanis are members of Agricafe's Sol de la Mañana program and each year their coffees are better and better - they have built the infrastructure to stabilize and improve quality and yield. Uchumachi is about an hour's drive from the mill in Caranavi, however, this lot was pulped, washed and dried on raised beds in their front yard then delivered to the mill for further processing. This year's lot shows more fruit on the nose and in the cup but is very clean and balanced.