NICARAGUA // Finca Bella Aurora

PRODUCERS: Luis Joaquin Lovo
REGION: Dipilto, Nueva Segovia
ELEVATION: 1450-1550m
VARIETY: Caturra

CUP CHARACTER: butter tart, toffee, pink lemonade 

The Lovo family have owned Finca Bella Aurora since 1956; located on a pristine mountain side in the Municipality of Dipilto, Nueva Segovia, these 50 acres of coffee growing land offer inspired views and some very fertile soil. The farm is situated quite effectively at 1400 metres above sea level, in a microclimate that certainly benefits the production of speciality coffee. But even with such productive grounds the true measure of this farm is the painstaking care and the thoughtful, measured efforts owner Luis Joaquin Lovo Lopéz  takes to ensure the quality of his coffee.  

Expect a very approachable cup of coffee from Finca Bella Aurora, round and sweet with character of caramel, honeydew, and pink popsicle. This lot is easily one of the best centrals we’ve purchased this year.

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