PERU // Tupac Amaru

PRODUCER:  Tupac Amaru Co-op  
REGION:  Sandia Valley, Puno
ELEVATION: 1550-1900 m                
VARIETY: Caturra, Typíca, Bourbon

TASTING NOTES:  chocolate mousse, macadamia, butterscotch 


The Tupac Amaru Co-op was founded in 1973 and there are close to 1,000 farmer members of this co-op. Located in the Sandia Valley, Puno in Southeastern Peru, Tupac Amaru is one of the co-op members of the larger producer run co-op CECOVASA. The smallholder producers throughout Puno are indigenous Aymara and Quechua who continue to live in rural communities focused on preserving their local environment, traditions and culture. They hope to create a stable economy through sustainable production chains, fair wages, and quality coffee. CECOVASA provides ongoing farm training to promote environmentally sound organic agricultural practices, and to develop cupping labs at the local co-ops in order to monitor coffee quality at each step of the process.
This lot represents the first part of the harvest and is the culmination of smaller lots from just 24 producer members of the co-op. Caturra is the variety of choice in Sandia, but small amounts of Typíca and Bourbon can also be found due to a UN investment in the 1980's. Processing is done manually at each farm using hand-crank de-pulping machines, fermented for up to 18 hours in concrete tanks and then fully washed. Most coffee is dried on raised, parabolic beds at the farm level although the coop members are also given the option to have the coffee dried for them on communal patios at the receiving station.  



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