Yefri Pintado Espresso



Country: Peru

Farmer: Yefri Pintado

Region: Alto Ihuamaca, San Ignacio

Mill/Washing Station: Origin Coffee Lab

Varietals: Borbón, Caturra

Elevation: 2000 m

Tasting Notes: concord grape, panela, hard candy

Yefri is the brother of Dionisio Pintado, whose coffee we offered last month. His farms are in Alto Ihuamaca, Northwest of Chirinos -  a totally new area for us. As has become the standard for all the coffees we buy from San Ignacio, expect sweet, clean cups with dense fruit and buttercream-like body. This lot is fully washed but fruit forward. This is a very easy pulling espresso and is great on it's own or in milk drinks.